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today’s Saturday Alleluia

tomorrow’s Sunday Easter

today is faith work

tomorrow is the big party

today, pray

tomorrow, celebrate


today, meditation

tomorrow, dance

the fine music

of the Christian way!

About Love

What is love?

A feeling, a sentiment

an emotion, a whirlwind of the heart

an energy, a vibration

a relationship,  a solitary sensing

a matter of the soul, a stream of the self,

a solitary word blowing in the mind, in the wind

no matter what love is

love is all.







Her kisses are warm and cool She is beautiful to my mind than my eyes She is my imperfect, perfect picture She is Magic Her touch is unexplainable Her love is too good to be true yet true Her words are marble on a scrabble She is many words but today she is a word, […]

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Saint Valentine Day, today!

this way, today is Saint Valentine day…so, love! just love, lovers,,, despite all, just love… despite fears, guilt, just love!!take the loving road together, no matter the rolling stones, love”! love matters, always, so, take my hands, let us spend the road together, I love you! so take my heart, nicely, we can share the time, sure, and I pray you have time, to walk side by side, to share the way, no matter destiny, we can love, just


here, Brasil, where I live, it’s occurring a big party,  perhaps the biggest in the world, colorful, plenty of dancing and  singing people, beauty, and joy,  seeming Venice celebrating a similar party,  this three days in a year, here summer, there winter, mascarade and phantasy people dancing

Horoscope matter’s

Gratitude; Flower


Big Hugh!


I feel me happy. Living now and here. Meditation and Yoga transform as in my recent experience. Daily Living can be lovely and serene.  Working guilt and fear as emotional obstacles. Sensing deserve and Gratitude. A high Hugh my friends. Best regards. Best wishes. Just love!

I am happy. Today photo: Flower