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A new winter day

I see the window of the room, from where I write on this computer a blue sky, sunny, and other buildings in the neighborhood where I live. As I am on the sixth floor, in my small penthouse, I also see the top of buildings and some trees in the street. Today it is cold, and in several cities, there was frost and snow in some quantity, A new day is an invitation to live. If I can eat, pray and love and take care of me then everything is fine in my life. I take care of my work, and the people who request me some demand, as well as I, live with my friends. True friendship is a rare thing. The day dawns with a blank sheet to be written.

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan is a musician and artist I often listen to. There is an intersection between the musician and the writer. Lyrics and melodies emerge and according to his lyrics he received the Nobel Prize in Literature, There are songs without lyrics (it’s possible to imagine lyrics and images listening Cello Suites of J.S.Bach) and lyrics without melodies as in the song a poem (rhymes containing a rhythm and prosody. Thus, music and literature blend into a magnificent architecture.  Some memorable songs     “like a rolling stone”, “most of the the time” and many others make part of my life and are manifestations of various periods of my life. Dylan plays about daily living matters. So well!

rock’n’roll (cont.)

I wrote about rock, but I discovered after a little research the day of rock only is celebrated in Brasil. At 13 July 1985, Bob Geldof organized o Live Aid with the participation of various artists ( Mick Jagger, David Bowie, and others) a simultaneous show at London, and Philadelphia with the purpose of putting an end of anger in Ethiopia. Some artists presented also at Sydney, Moscou, and Japan. The music is one of the main expressions of the human being since childhood.


I don’t know very well the reason for today is rock’n’roll day. I didn’t have space and time to research and read about.  But I like music, and although I’m most closer to jazz and blues, also classic music ( I like so much to hear the 6  Cello Suites of J.S.Bach…it turns me calm…better, I like to listen to music). I like to read a book. I like all forms of art. What is art? Anyway, We also read music. Listening is a form of reading and reading is a form of listening. Perhaps We hear noises, or just turn the eyes to the things.  Without exact perception. Sometimes I can not distinguish a music and a book. The sheet music.   A book of pictures or photos. With the eyes and the skin and the soul, we have a perception of something, Of Ourselves, our world,  the soul. Shakespeare wrote that we perceive love with the soul, not with the sole eyes. Eyes can listen to the music. Let’s rock and roll all days! Even if for minutes…read a good phrase…even if for minutes. The text. The texture. If I listen, Elvis Presley, I do read and listen. If I listen to Bob Dylan,

full moon

Yesterday the full moon was beautiful, full moon in Capricorn according to the horoscope. I could see the moon rising in the late afternoon, early evening. Golden, a perfect circle in the sky, brilliant, emanating an indescribable light. The night brings with it the stars, the planets, and the moon. The sky was clear, like a painting. The night brings me a calm, a time to relax and do what you like. Watch TV. The journals and news of the world. A film. To dance. To sleep. To dream. To flirt and flit. The demands of the night are different from the day. The sun is the consciousness and the demands of the day. The night is a different time, a different quantity and quality time. In winter the nights are longer and the days shorter. I like winter. Yesterday was a beautiful day. Blue sky. Nice weather. A real gift. Today, while I write this morning, is another beautiful day. Let’s enjoy the life.  Great !


I found less number of bloggers`friends in this community of bloggers and writers. So surprised ! Not too much in fact. Time passes. People too riding their own races. Some blue sentiment. Aging is perhaps the capability of support losses. I miss these people. How are them? Theres also the ever opportunity to meet others, but I miss these friends who like to blog. I am not a writer, but just a blogger. Whats the difference?

plane tree leaf in winter

a single leaf of plane treee is symbol of autunm and winter season Aa the sunset earlier in the shorter days. Soon comes the night. The moon. The stars. Today is crescent moon. And the moon, like the leaf of plan tree has many colours. Life has many colours, and aging shows them


from the window I see a blue sky, a beautyful heaven, in a perfect winter day…some shiny, cold, but I see inside me and it seems that all is good. Sometimes the wellness is full of guilty or fear. But all igood. Its all right. I can eat. I can pray. I do love. Inside and outside window I feel love. Hope.

keep writing

I’ve been thinking in keep writing and publishing. Although read is what I think I can make better, but I like to write for you…

Hello World

I stayed out for some time. Then I noticed that my first post dated 2011 ! ….time passes. After receiving a profissional post I rediscovered my own blog…some questions arised,,,why continue to write here?,,,only one answer: missing some people. Perhaps I will continue to write…here…to stay closer with people