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Cecilia Meireles

                                                Cantico VII

Do not love as men love

Do not love with love.

Love without love

Love unintentionally.

Love without feeling, like you are

someone else.

As if you were to love

without waiting.

Why not wait.

So separated from what he loves,

Do not worry about this.

If love leads to happiness,

If it leads to death,

If it leads to any destination.

If it takes you away.

and goes himself


                                                   I do remember so much the songs of Amy Winehouse reading that poem. Strange. Strong. Amy composed twenty songs during her short life.  I missed her so much. Perhaps “Love is a Losing Game” and “Just Friends” make her so close to Bob Dylan, whom lyrics and melody are almost the same things. Amy was a soul musician, as Cecilia Meireles soul poet. Far beyond classifications, I listen to them with the soul.

“Love is a Losing Game”…..


Over futile odds”

And laughed by the gods

And the final frame

Love is a losing game”









Alceu Wamosy

Alceu Wamosy was a writer and journalist of the XIX sec. and had a short life. Published three books of poem writing about the Pampa and the gaucho.  His poems are categorized as Symbolists. Although his short work is an admirable writer.

                                               TWO SOULS

Oh you who come from afar, Oh You who

come tired

Come in, here in this ceiling, You will find


I’ve never been loved, and I live so alone

You live alone, you were never loved.

The Frost bleach lively the screen

And my bedroom has the warmth of a nestling.

Enter until at least the curves of the way

Bathe in the rising splendor dawn

And tomorrow when the sunlight glows radiantly

The endless, deserted road,

Horrendous and bare

You can start again, Oh nomad wandering

I will not be alone anymore, nor will you go alone.

There’s gotta be a longing of your’s…

You will take with you a longing my



Cecilia Meireles

Many influences I have in my writing and reading activities. Today I will show a poem of Cecilia Meireles, a Brazilian writer. Published many books, romances, and an anthology of poems. Canticos is the collection of twenty-six poems. So beautiful. And express much of what I feel. This is a traduction. She died 1964. His work is a public domain.

 A prelude:


                      to freedom


The wind of my spirit

Breathed on life

And everything that was ephemeral

was undone

And you stayed only you, who is eternal


                     Cantico IV

Numb your body with the music of life.

Charm yourself.

Forget yourself.

Has a voluptuous dispersion.

Do not wanna be you.

I want to be the infinite soul of


Exchange your short human dream

By the immortal dream.

The only.

Overcomes the misery of being afraid.

Change by Unknown.

Do not you see, he’s bigger?

Can not you see that it has no end?

Do not you see that he is you?

You who are forgetful of you








Dylan Goes Electric! by Elijah Wald review – when Bob took a Stratocaster to the Newport folk festival

Dylan Goes Electric! by Elijah Wald review – when Bob took a Stratocaster to the Newport folk festival


Harold Bloom, an American literary critic wrote a very important book “How to Read and Why”, a seminal book among many others. He writes about the influence of reading get on the reader and other issues. I don’t write from nothing but from the books I read and the songs, I listen. Even the reading and songs of nature. And of course that inner imagination of our soul. And our body and brain. Imagination and fiction are linked in many forms. Even in a documentary and History, there’s imagination. Art is also imagination. Even Photography. I write because for me is a way of healing myself and somehow meet you. We are not alone.

My bookshelf shows who I am

The books I read as the collection of songs I listened show many periods of my life. I reread and relisten them. As so as new books and songs. Contemporary Literature and Music are sometimes difficult to choose. Nowadays I read a little more and listen to new artists, but it’s sometimes difficult because I like the older from my generation. New writers and musicians are so good but I try to stay in touch. Digital resources are good files in this task. But Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Dickens, Adelia Prado, Cecilia Meireles, Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, Caetano Veloso

A new winter day

I see the window of the room, from where I write on this computer a blue sky, sunny, and other buildings in the neighborhood where I live. As I am on the sixth floor, in my small penthouse, I also see the top of buildings and some trees in the street. Today it is cold, and in several cities, there was frost and snow in some quantity, A new day is an invitation to live. If I can eat, pray and love and take care of me then everything is fine in my life. I take care of my work, and the people who request me some demand, as well as I, live with my friends. True friendship is a rare thing. The day dawns with a blank sheet to be written.

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan is a musician and artist I often listen to. There is an intersection between the musician and the writer. Lyrics and melodies emerge and according to his lyrics he received the Nobel Prize in Literature, There are songs without lyrics (it’s possible to imagine lyrics and images listening Cello Suites of J.S.Bach) and lyrics without melodies as in the song a poem (rhymes containing a rhythm and prosody. Thus, music and literature blend into a magnificent architecture.  Some memorable songs     “like a rolling stone”, “most of the the time” and many others make part of my life and are manifestations of various periods of my life. Dylan plays about daily living matters. So well!

rock’n’roll (cont.)

I wrote about rock, but I discovered after a little research the day of rock only is celebrated in Brasil. At 13 July 1985, Bob Geldof organized o Live Aid with the participation of various artists ( Mick Jagger, David Bowie, and others) a simultaneous show at London, and Philadelphia with the purpose of putting an end of anger in Ethiopia. Some artists presented also at Sydney, Moscou, and Japan. The music is one of the main expressions of the human being since childhood.


I don’t know very well the reason for today is rock’n’roll day. I didn’t have space and time to research and read about.  But I like music, and although I’m most closer to jazz and blues, also classic music ( I like so much to hear the 6  Cello Suites of J.S.Bach…it turns me calm…better, I like to listen to music). I like to read a book. I like all forms of art. What is art? Anyway, We also read music. Listening is a form of reading and reading is a form of listening. Perhaps We hear noises, or just turn the eyes to the things.  Without exact perception. Sometimes I can not distinguish a music and a book. The sheet music.   A book of pictures or photos. With the eyes and the skin and the soul, we have a perception of something, Of Ourselves, our world,  the soul. Shakespeare wrote that we perceive love with the soul, not with the sole eyes. Eyes can listen to the music. Let’s rock and roll all days! Even if for minutes…read a good phrase…even if for minutes. The text. The texture. If I listen, Elvis Presley, I do read and listen. If I listen to Bob Dylan,