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Month: January, 2012

literature and the way of life

literature and the way of life.

literature and the way of life

literatute is perhaps a second theme in my blog
the main the is the book I guess I’m writing the Web Surf
Web Surf or Web Surfer…I stilll don’t know
writing is a source of life for me. Iive been thinking about the digital world and solitude

a writer surfing the web with a blog

as a web surfer I’m more familiar with this ocean. Web is a great opportunity and I will publicize my blog. I also need hear the people. Perhaps twitter is a choice. I don’t like facebook.
on january, 13, 2012

web surf

I  have nothing to say so I write. I guess that literature and life and especially the romance is a way of creating a time-space place regarding life…an invention and construction of the world. As a web surfer I still must surf more and more. 

on 12, january, 2012

writing and publishing: web surf

I don’t know why I’m a writer but one thing is clear for me: I write because I need…and writing is a solitary action…publish the text is a challenge and in nowadays the web is a good advice…what I write is for someone else read…it’s an emotional and intelectual kind o f contact between people…people like me need contact with people

5, january, 2012

just a writer: hello world

just a writer: hello world.