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Month: February, 2012

write, publish, read, write…blogging

writing and life is one thing for me…a form of living…a way to share with people my feelings, impressions and relections about living…literature is an exprssion of life…I would like to blog more…and I will do

the story of ArLynn Presser

Erica Johnson related the story of Arlyn Presser…a great work…and Arlynn has a story so close to my story…blogging is helping me to discover the world and myself…as a writer I’m very happy with my decision on beginning my blog on january, 1, 2012

thanks also for the persons that help me in this task

literature and life

the human condition recquires the art…the one art in multiple espressions…any person needs love and beloved…loving is the point…loving creates…loving encompasses the human experience…loving is life…and any human being is a part of mankind…joy of mankind is a person’s effort for living well, for creating the own poem and setting in peace with the silence and the world that must be a poem…blues…in a blue sea…in a blue sky…blues: a form of keeping in touch with the loving art of living…a form of keeping going on with a destiny encompassed by freedom…blues is one aspect of living…joy is the full expression of living with confidence in persons and in future: just loving

the writer expression

hard work, not so hard, difficult, not so difficult…my writer practice is some other expresion of impressions…like when one tries to register a dream…the sharing of impresions is one leit motiv…another is to share some forms of silence…so important for music…so important for literature as the gaps and empties for painting and for art expression…it’s hard to me to write but is too hard not to write…romance is my ground…not by choice exactly…but vocation…reading is a form of living for me…living is a big one greater than art…but living without art is far away of human condition…I see poetry in human condition…I’m not a poet…perhaps a writer…just a writer of romance…a romancist…I remember the art is only one: the art of living…not only surviving…so in this post some considerations about life and silence, life and finitude, life and love…and loving (the verb) is the only important thing…if not…this post is only words, words and words

the writer impressions

impressions is what I try to write…to write is not just to record…to write is a process in which I discover what I am trying to express after the partial conclusion…always partial and personal…the partial consclusion of a word, a phrase, a paragraph, a post, a little piece of writing…the art process is the important one…to create recognizing  the influences of readings and perceptions that not only art itself but the human being is capable to do…our lives in a changing world…I guess the human condition is the basis and I regard the work of those I touched in art…there’s one art in multiple expressions: well living is vital and human being is the central core

writing and reading

writing and reading are two faces of one thing: art…I heared from a great sculptor that the function of the art is to change the world and I agree many years ago and today I emphasize this point: like the work of Monet I guess that the impressions one’s have of the nature and the world is what matters…impressions are so strong like photos…like music…but my way is literature and music…and literature is stronger for me while music is a way for transcendence…like other expressions of art…works without words…as in Hamlet ‘what are you reading my lord? / ‘words, words and words’…to read is a way of identification with author expression as one own expression as occurs in other art expressions…literature is a ground for me and music wings…as Dylan sings ‘the answer is blowing in the wind’…art and life are the same thing in different expressions…impressions are the main point, the macht point so I can say that painture influences me more than I knew before writing this post… paisages

writing and blogging

I guess write is one thing and blog is another…both are complemmentary…blogging is being a very good experience to me because what I write is already published…in old times publish was more difficult but the readers were someway different too…I mean…book and ebook have the same content in different fashions and both forms are interesting…I prefer the old form for a book…a book that can be touched and get with care in a personal library…but ebook, ejournals and so on are a tendency and a preference…ebook and old fashion book have the same intention: expression of human condition in the form of literature…literature and art are one form of living…no matter the way …it’s seems to me that the digital world is another side of the no digital world…I pertain to a generation that growed without celular phone and so on and I observe that persons are not aware of these worlds… digital devices are only this: different devices for reinvention and building of one world with various dimensions…the question is: this digital device is  being used in a superficial form…persons continue reading a little and writing almost nothing of importance for living…this is the challenge that digital devices users may turn out…persons are prone in someway to read Proust, Shakespeare or any writer…as like listening music…like really look for a painting…it’s a question of consciousness and a question of responsibility for me and for all…I write and blog because I need, it’s not a merely esposition of aspects of myself…I intend that someone who reads what I wrote and blogged would end different and better…in fact any writer has nothing to say…the form the writer and the artist finds to espress is the point

beyond fraternity

only love is the real thing, only with love fraternity can be realized and be a real thing in everyday life…fraternity is one expression of loving…an experience more than an idea or ideal, a realized goal for building a better world…love is a mistery and I follow the love way…joy of mankind, hope and force in any situation…carnaval, fraternity, loving…the way I get to my life like three parts of a jazz piece performed with the world…perhaps my dream, perhaps not…I feel like this: a great music for any hearth that permits the touch of being part of humankind and builds a better world…I like jazz very much…it’s like samba: those things that come from the sweet hearth…’é melhor ser alegre que ser triste / a alegria é a melhor coisa que existe / é assim como a luz no coração’  (Tom Jobim e Vinícius)


I need fraternity…we need fraternity…fraternity is perhaps the human relationship more sensible for me…we all are one…the sense of pertaining to humanity is valuable one…from solitude to fraternity…from finitude to fraternity…the perception that each person is important, esach people is important, humankind is our ground home, love is all we need…so simple, so difficult to realize, to turn a real experience…I know that with work and art it is possible and every one is invited to this endless party: the shared joy in good life for all the world…the  world needs fraternity and any person is important…this consciousness is a fundamental task for every day work and living

carnaval and fraternity

today, ash wednesday, begins quaresma and is the begining of fraternity campaign…ash transfomation in joy…perhaps one aspect of carnaval is to launch and prepare each one for get the life and feel alive…carnaval is the preparation for another transfromation period in western tradition…from ashes to joy, from finitude to transcendence, from solitude to fraternity…