Carnaval: a little look and a little book in four parts

by walterdoege

Here is Carnaval

four days…and is most than four official days begining today, 17, february in all this country

carnaval is a great party in which thousands of people participate…it has different shapes depending on the region (state) where people dance, sing and celebrate the life…that is my view

joyness and invitation for joyness…depending on the region the shape may be in street (like in most of the cities especially in carioca and baianian expression) (carioca means Rio de Janeiro and baianian (a right now neologism) refers to Bahia)…but in carioca shape there’s exist also a parade in two consecutive nights in which samba schools do procession, do a big parade that remebers me dixie jazz way…it’s not an opera: it’s a people expression art, full art…body, voice, soul…I feel a good and strong energy in the carioca shape and in the street blocks turning the city a big hostess…a village celebration of life and love…and I’m disregarding all the midia and industry and financial interests behind the scene…that backgroun exist in almost any manifestation on public expression…I feel carnaval a fine art far away the immediate impression…I know carnaval is a thing of global audience (like Grammy, Oscar awards and so on) but carnaval is unique…it’s not a praise solely by myself but my impression, description and shraing of that thing: carnaval

each day of official carnaval I write one or more post

welcome on board

(personally I continue my work (I’m a physician) and perhaps I’ll participate in some date party)

carnaval  remebers me Bach’ ‘Joy of mankind’ in another version…something like this…and is close to jazz expression