Carnaval, sunday

by walterdoege

today and tomorrow are great days: the two night’s parade in carioca entourage…a joy is marching on, people are marching on, the country is marching on, love is marching on…cause there’s not other purpose but joy…the energy I feel on this big party by various ways (TV, computer, etc.) is a real manifestation of the human capability of superation and transformation of the side of suffering and distress of the human condition in celebration and funny manifestation…people get carnaval in serious way…more than a business fact, that is also, the most important is people inthis country is marching on creating joy in a set of dance, sing, songs with lyrics expressing the mistery of life…living is greater than the life…this big party that occurs without interruption during these four days is the real of brasulian soul…a great and beautyful country because the people are great and generous…blessings from sky drive  these persons…I remeber a folk song I play on piano ‘all the saints go marching’ and Elvis Presley interpretation of ‘an american trilogy’ in Hawai show: glory, glory, aleluia / glory, glory aleluia / his truth is marching on…’ in a dixie jazz blues gospel style…these interruptions in cotidian perception is the poit out here in this text…this big brazilian party is part of every brazilian person realm in some deep manner and in so is part of every person in this world…all we need is love, all we need is peace, all we need is joy for living here and now…this big party may be seen from the moon