continuation, sunday day

by walterdoege

and sunday is especially offered day in these four day party, special party…these four holidays are im my feeling the creation and reinvention of the life for the world…hope, building, performance, good acts, an enormous flow of energy from the persons…person to person in many ways…really hot…born in the heat of this tropical country persons use almost no dress…exposing the skin…the body…the concrete dimension of this performance…exposing the voice, the tears, the emotions, the deep affect, the love is more and more exposed in women and man and child participation…despite the beauty of women this beauty is of all, is the expression of the body of everyone…so dressed, so oppressed, so constricted in the limitations of the contidian days…it’s better be joyful than sad, just in the lyrics of Tom Jobim and Vinicius song…samba and other musical manifestations that accept no categorization…samba on foot, samba on hearth, samba in the soul…the spiritual in the tradition and folk expression…I hear samba as a song and dance very brasilian in nurture and nature