sunday day and night

by walterdoege

today, sunday, by night, the big parade in Rio de Janeiro…I guess I have a carioca soul…everyone that reads this blog knows something about Brazil, and more and more dimensions of this country I am discovering too…Brasil is a generous country in where persons of other countries are so well welcome…I like Copacabana bay and I guess everyone knows the bossa nova song ‘girl from  Ipanema”…a song that Frank Sinatra performed with Tom Jobim…some critics think bossa nova was born on Ipanema…I guess bossa nova was born in Copacabana…I hear ‘for whom the bells toll’ in RockinRio2011…and the bells toll for us, for every person in this world…tonight a big night, tomorrow too…I’m discovering what is that big party and blogging is not a journalist task but just my writer’s impressions…in tragedy, in pain, in suffering to love is the best way to feel joyness too