beyond fraternity

by walterdoege

only love is the real thing, only with love fraternity can be realized and be a real thing in everyday life…fraternity is one expression of loving…an experience more than an idea or ideal, a realized goal for building a better world…love is a mistery and I follow the love way…joy of mankind, hope and force in any situation…carnaval, fraternity, loving…the way I get to my life like three parts of a jazz piece performed with the world…perhaps my dream, perhaps not…I feel like this: a great music for any hearth that permits the touch of being part of humankind and builds a better world…I like jazz very much…it’s like samba: those things that come from the sweet hearth…’é melhor ser alegre que ser triste / a alegria é a melhor coisa que existe / é assim como a luz no coração’  (Tom Jobim e Vinícius)