writing and blogging

by walterdoege

I guess write is one thing and blog is another…both are complemmentary…blogging is being a very good experience to me because what I write is already published…in old times publish was more difficult but the readers were someway different too…I mean…book and ebook have the same content in different fashions and both forms are interesting…I prefer the old form for a book…a book that can be touched and get with care in a personal library…but ebook, ejournals and so on are a tendency and a preference…ebook and old fashion book have the same intention: expression of human condition in the form of literature…literature and art are one form of living…no matter the way …it’s seems to me that the digital world is another side of the no digital world…I pertain to a generation that growed without celular phone and so on and I observe that persons are not aware of these worlds… digital devices are only this: different devices for reinvention and building of one world with various dimensions…the question is: this digital device is  being used in a superficial form…persons continue reading a little and writing almost nothing of importance for living…this is the challenge that digital devices users may turn out…persons are prone in someway to read Proust, Shakespeare or any writer…as like listening music…like really look for a painting…it’s a question of consciousness and a question of responsibility for me and for all…I write and blog because I need, it’s not a merely esposition of aspects of myself…I intend that someone who reads what I wrote and blogged would end different and better…in fact any writer has nothing to say…the form the writer and the artist finds to espress is the point