by walterdoege

passion is something like a strong emotion that embebs one self and is absolutely different from feelings as in my experience…i get cautious with passion, but passion can be driven in a certain way for drive my soul in the right way that is the way of building my days and nights lovely and in  sweet movements standing in the need of pray…pray comes from passion, but pray is a praise of the right way: good actions, kind regards for the life and work I do, respect for myself and other self, care of my unique and personal way of living; passion is the ground of feelings; passion is strenght, but well directed is feeling, warm feelings that I nest on my soul…passion is a strong wind…warm feelings are depured emotions from passion cause emotions require elaboration…warm and sweet feelings are the helm of my boat and passion is the strong winds that directs the force of passion on  the sails of my boat