by walterdoege

perhaps one of my recent steps forward a well living despite blocks of rocks and immense numb  nonsense events is stop thinking and especially the daily trial of no thinking about love as where love will lead me or lead us or what is love or how to love or readings about love and relationship schedules or projects or even writing in such a  way that I can be able  only write from my loving experience as way to share with you my sentiment and loving love cause living is dangerous not only regarding rocks of nonsense and the perception I feel that life is short and loving is for ever also the contemporary world is in between civilization and barbarie when I see the individual being neglected for dangereous and non sense discourse and lack of respect the individual needs for be a human being capable of love and be beloved as he and she is…fragile, lovely, hopeful, pompt to bulid a better world with the rocks of rocks falling above the hearth of mankind dignity and respectful condition…beggars, my fellows…so, I keep on my daily loving trial cause I feel I am not alone and my dear friends are fellows too cause love is never an alone experience. Never