a blue rose

by walterdoege

there’s not exist in nature a colorful blue  rose…this fragile flower shows other colors, but not bluecolorful…there’s not exist a blue rose…a natural blue rose…perhaps the roses don’t feel blue…in my weekly arrangement of flowers, with three vessels, one with two roses, the second with two roses, the third with astromelias of a myriad of colors, I was looking for a blue rose, but the florist says ‘there’s not exist a blue rose’…I asked her why and she said ‘ I don’t know’…she added ‘perhaps in artificial garden, mr.’…and I said ‘no, I like natural roses and I don’t know also why theres not in nature’…so, I do my arrangement with two pink roses and two yellow roses…after, I was wondering this fact and somehow roses don’t feel blue…away from explanations I remembered the blue moon…there exist kinds of blue and the roses don’t picture blue…somehow a subtil blue at an attentive sight…contemplation of this arrangement is an exercise for me and in a flash glance I saw a blue rose…in a so fast instant that it seemed an illusion, and it was an ilusion…I do so the acceptance that only in imagination I see a blue rose…on my painting trials in oil I pictured a blue rose…she, the rose, appeared slowly as I was painting a little draw…she is one in this painting, alone in her existence from my will…depicted in a blue tonality horizon, blowing in the painture…she was not flying, but in a little glass vessel…I could paint the vessel and the water inside…as I was remembering some lessons on oil painture from my mother….the blue rose does exist in this painture, but only there…some other blue roses does exist from artificial gardening and from art construct, but roses don’t show blue color…sky is blue, sea water is blue and green…then I arranged in my flower arrangement this little painture of my blue rose…for a while she does exist, she is not alone, and the arrangement is good…I painted in a strong blue color and she, the rose, is beautiful!…if blue is a color, however, this rose exist from invention and creation…if blue is a mood, this rose is in a shiny appearence!…so, I let the roses, and I realized that a blue rose is imagination, will, a human creation and I have no question to send to the florist…she, the florist, was not questioning this normal one for her, but I noticed that she stayed thinking a little bit…she concluded ‘sr. you may get these other blue flowers’ thank you, mrs…now, I am not thinking the reason for this, how it occurs and so on…any reasoning do not accomplish this fact, roses do not show blue, the color and the mood…on my painture, the blue rose remains joyful…there are perhaps kinds of blue and some blue tons are so subtil that this tonality is not noticed…I put a name on the painting that is joyful ‘ blues rose’… on my piano performance I could imagine this blues and at an instant in a flash moment I was close to a blue rose, near me, imagination and an almost touchable, as the song…I can touch the keyboard, but not the music… this blue rose remained untouchable…a blue rose on my mind…and on your mind…I put her, the rose, near my piano…this part of imagination is also part of this arrangement, as a piano solo with a blue rose…with no logic, I mean, ‘why there’s not exist a blue rose in nature’…letting go the reasoning, the last melodic note ring loudly with and the end I do not noticed…letting go questions that does not matter…I could feel loveliness in the air…close to nature and human existence