blue rhapsody

by walterdoege

perhaps I should write blues rhapsody…and rhapsody comes from a talk with a lovely friend…but this writing is not exactly a blues…better, is a kind of blue…even a blues…but a kind of blue, as I feel some semtiment that visits my soul…rhapsody is something as an improvisation that musicians always do, even and most in classic music of Bach, Chopin and others, these came to my mind because are great jazz musicians, great improvisators…rhapsody is improvisation…I do not make a markable distinction in music…there is one music and in other writing I wnat to write about the desert musicians, some of these musicians play their music till nowadays, but are few, with no recording of their song performance…I’ve read that some researchers are recording these musician performance…I listened to some rare and new records and resembles citaras and tablas harmonies…most sounds unique, the instruments sounds lively and with drum or solely, the ‘sarangi’ solo plays for hours till night arrives…the desert is a unique echology!…so, a solely and lonely musician plays this and other instrument that resembles violin, for hours and hours, beginning at noonday till the night arrives…the only intention is play music…this musician plays alone….and in aloneness…his brother don’t like desert…other feloow musicians live in desert and these musicians do not have internet nor phone, even a telegraph…they, and these musicians are few cause this traditional music does not have a legacy receiver, nor a heritage receiver…although these efforts I mentioned to record and show to the world this music…this fact also occurs with language and idioms…perhaps there exist ninety eight speaken and written idioms in the world today….the ninety nine ended with the last goodbye of the solely speaker…this speaker talked alone, but became old….and this idiom goes with him…other idiom gone by with the only woman that speaked it…alone…so, I guess there are ninety eight idioms speaken and written in contemporary world…and with the music there’s occur the same…the little difference is that music of the desert has no purpose, is performatic…and the musician said that he would like to teach someone, but nobody comes…he says that desert is hard sometimes, but he likes very much the music of the desert, the music that he plays…he says that some few musicians still make a festival in each decade…and he says he has hope…that the music never dies…he says that he is still good…I guess he is a sixty five years old musician…and I feel he is happy…playing ‘sarangi’ most of the months solely and alone in the desert…rhapsody blues, neither the color nor the mood…I mean, blues…I am trying to travel to the desert…and learn…better, feel this musician and the music and desert, especially the night when I will continue playing my almost solo   piano… perhaps with his accompaniment…and playing through the night my solo piano blues improvisation with no end….. she is with me and is so lovely and beautiful