desert seduction

by walterdoege

I’m trying to travel to the desert and find these musicians, few musicians…they play folk and traditional music…the musician I mentioned plays for hours and hours after the noonday till the night…he plays three instruments.. sarangi, sindi sarangi and kamancha, plus his voice, the fourth instrument…a beautiful instrument the human voice!…most of the time alone…in the petit village…he comes from the manganiyar tradition…the music is devotional and also some narrative of human condition…there is one record of his performance done by two researchers…these researchers take inspiration from the work of Alan Lomex, who travelled the south of United States recording the performance of blues musicians…the so called Dixie south music…Dixie is a way to play blues, and blues as a music expression admits various styles …regarding my concerns about classification of music, cause there exist only one music…that work was important for the record of Dixie song…another writer exposed in an interesting book his work about Dixie literature, pointing out the subtil frontier between fiction and no fiction Dixie style and reality…I like very much Dixie jazz and blues, but I am going to the desert for listen these few musicians, feel this special music and feel the desert…if I could not travel with my acoustic piano I will get with me a portable harmonium, another ancient instrument…so, I can play with him…when the night comes, he stops, mainly because of the arrival of beetles…so, I can build a tent and continue my solo blues with my harmonium or my piano…and with the arrival of the night there come the stars, the moon…I am playing my music and I sing a soft song, at two voices…my voice and her voice…I will not travel alone…but, if I travel alone, she will come slowly…she is wonderful and beautiful…her voice begins voicing with me…long at first time and slowly this voice arrives close to me…there are me and she in the desert in a night…then, we sing together and I can see her silhouette…after, I feel her touch on my skin…and me and she can keep on playing music and singing and celebrating the life in the desert…from hundreds of nights…for rest we go to the small tent and see the stars sparkling shyness and beauty and we can see sunrise with joy…some eat, some rest, so, the musician comes for another brand new day…that comes from a brand new night…she is lovely and all is in peace…in the desert with no internet or phone…off line and online with this so wonderful little things…the music, the desert, she…it seems to me that the sharp light of the night is a good companion for us…perhaps I will live with her  in the desert, but this is already a dream…folk music of the desert is sweet…the desert is a place full of good surprises and I have the intuition that my blues sounds loudly for almost no one…no mirage…few facilities…hard work…so, I let me go with the desert sounds…some subtil voicing, some subtil peace, somewhere full of good things, the desert, and she