make a wish comes true

by walterdoege

Alan Lomax travelled the south of United States for recording lively musician’s performance of the blues and his purpose was an effort to make this song do not be missed…also the researchers whom travelled to the desert for recording the musician’s lively performance of ancient instruments and songs…people sing…people dance…people are capable of living in peace…creating realities, human realities…on the streets in the city I feel fear…I see few people singing or playing an instrument…I see people running for somewhere connected with their online devices…perhaps listening music, or news, or a sport transmission, but I see scarcely people talking with each other…people need to talk…I need to talk and i do not like to talk alone, so I write here…and I’ve found so lovely people, so lovely friends, I fepel you as my family too…I builded my nowadays family…friendship is the root of this my family…family of fellows looking for love and peace…sharing sentiment, troubles, pain, but sharing confidence at the samew time…this is the most important, share the life, share a dream, share some wish for becoming true…love and peace, music and dance, sing together a song like a lullaby for a child fall asleep secure…and this security comes from those who care the child, like I care children and adults…I am right with the child inside myself…I feel no shame to play a song, to play my piano, to talk with people as two children can talk…or more than two children…we are all children that grown up, but not so much…when a child does not make a night wish, like ‘tell me that story!’…when a child does not has truth in wonderland stories…when I loss for a while some delicatessness, some gently attitude regarding life…when a man like myself does not perceive the moon…it is sad…the moon in the sky and the moon inside myself…these two moon is for all…is a gift for all…and even when our past is hard and sad, we can make a wish come true turning on the present the ground of future well being…and the same present time the tablet of opportunities for do a good act…with good will…we have and we feel a good will relating the world…and all my fear I put on the only crucible viable and share with the world…as it is possible…also, I am trying to make less complaints and make more gardens cause I guess I see a petit blue flower today…that was a mirage…perhaps a dream…but in the desert of my garden I guess I see a blue flower…a petit fleur was by morning, when I awaken for another wish…awakened I see this picture, a blue rose…in between dream and no dream…I am a dreamer and