love is freedom too

by walterdoege

it’s very interesting and good listen people, read what people write, know what people read, how people live…in a short talk I hear an opinion about contemporary relantionships, especially regarding date, family and marriage…and it seems that in nowadays the things are very different comparing to thirty or fourty years later…I don’t feel this way, nor in my life neither in people live…what does occur is that in nowadays the freedom relating love and date inspires fear…be free is very difficult and simple, be free is an inner and outer hard work, recquires self love and respect and the same relating other self…an interesting writer called this ‘water love’, meaning in my interpretation that the boundaries are not very clear and the limits also relating to love relationships, even romantic relationships…and I feel that what changed from old times is exactly the freedom relating to how feel and share love…however, love is always freedom, is always a free choice, but requires confidence in human goodness, confidence in people, and this is what I observe, I say, I must be confident on myself to be confident to yourself…the trust in human goodness and love vocation is what changed as in my experience…an vocation means listen to a call, a voice…the inner voice and the outer voice…the voice of love…love is joy, work, confidence, construction, reinvention…and love is a sentiment that occurs after a meeting…by chance or not, the response to this event…must be passion…is a building among the lovers…perhaps this commitment with love path is fragile, seems somehow unclear…love path is not fast, even in love at first sight…after first sight the response and the building begins…as a mutual work…mutual confidence…mutual engagement…if not, love is not only water only, but some kind of illusion and fast breeze…utmost, to love is be free…if not free, no love, perhaps sketches of love and trials, love relationship, itself, is not fast, but hard and evolving mutual work with joy as one of the main parfums of the courage for love…love is freedom, love is creativity…love is some kind of writing in the water…and much more, the love, as an art