book leaves drying

by walterdoege

and so the leaves of my second book are pending in the drier craft with winds waves moving it, each page is dry now, and I could read my book…incomplete yet…I wrote these pages on 2007 and the experience was good, cause it seems a book not writen by myself,  although regarding and identifying certain phrases as mine…this book does not have a title, perhaps ‘the tempest’, but it has not a title…a book must not have a title, but I like titles…I don’t remember the titles I’ve named it yet…some leaves are unwritten cause the force of ciclone, and this push me to continue writing it…I don’t know what is the main theme of this book, somehow wandering writings…in a sample page I’ve read a quotation from Montaigne, ‘there are worst things than death’, and this rediscovery put me close to my writings and readings…no neighbours were affected and I was able to help if needed…I was helped for people that are beautiful people, common people, and this is the gift in this garbage, people solidarity..people sentiment….people emotion…people action…an older woman visit me to get her consolation…she is a eighty four years old woman…she lives alone with soeone who cares for her…her visit is another gift of this ciclone…now I listen the sounds od the winds sounding a special music for all and I guess the leaves of the book lesten this wind too and perhaps the book is writing itself through the nature’s elements…water, air, earth, fire…and the fire here is the heat of the sun…today is a  blue coloful sky sunny day…with this gift, the community does exist, even if appears in a ciclone event…the force of the elements of nature and of the human goodness…love is a petit blue flower inside our hearts, so petit that is forgetted most of the time…and this narrative is a form of elaboration of a ciclone in my life…love is a ciclone in my soul