by walterdoege

fiction is a fundamental activity, for surviving, for living…time passage is a fact that make events be forgetted, tradition be missed, past be broken, future be numb, facts or non fiction itself shall be experienced in a sequential way…one event after another…but forgetness is a mind activity…remembering is also a mind activity…….in between fiction, the constructedness work of the soul…it’s impossible live without forgetting and without remembering…and present time is when fiction occurs as a work of making a continuity between past and future, that’s the function of art, reinvention of the  facts in fiction, history in stories, stories in history…forget, live, remember, live, forget, remember and so on in an infinite road…I must be capable of forget and remember, forgetness is not a lost, remember is not bring to today the past like it was, but as fiction modelate it, cause fiction is this soul drive for doing continuity over events discontinuity…I must forget deep woes, but the woes remains inside myself…I must remember my wish of future, the tomorrow, even if tomorrow is fiction…past is non fiction, future is fiction, present today is a mix of both fiction and non fiction…perhaps this occurs when I feel how good events are fast, and how pain and suffering I experirience as never end…in between yesterday and tomorrow the fiction of today…the rest of a sleep night…the dreams…the fiction…only fiction does support the real creating countless realities…art is world shaping, livinf shaping, life shaping…as when one hear that tomorrow is another day…the fiction in the realm of this exclamation is that tomorrow is a brand new day and must be…fiction do the new, fiction support bad or good tomorrows, bad and good news…and like a child…and what is an adult if not a child that grown up?…like a child I feel tomorrow as a new day and a good day…the sentiment of hope is directed to future, and aligned to confidence in the future, I say, confidence in human goodness and destiny goodness…I don’t imagine and no one imagine or desire tomorrow as worst than today…tomorrow is builded as a brand new day, I say also, a very good day, a day better than today or yesterday…as when I tell a story as a lullaby for me to sleep well during some non fiction bad news…during a tempest…after a painful event…even after a wonderful day…tomorrow is fiction and hope builded…tomorrow is good most of the time even when the weather prevision is a tempest…while hearing the thunders I tell a story to a child and to the child inside myself, tomorrow it will appear a rainbow…and when I or you see a rainbow, stop, and make a wish watching to the whole rainbow and in trust wish the wish come true…because truth is a form of fiction, good fiction…good fiction is when hope and trust on our strenght make a wish remains a wish after tomorrow…the last goodbye is tomorrow, the last goodbye of yesterdays shall be sweet memories and neutral remembrances full of gratitude because now I am alive and writing this wsriting…a fiction upon non fiction wandering text in a circunstance of the now and now is eternity, a pitch of eternity, an instant of eternity…beginning and end are fiction…now is what we do with eternity…eternity is a split of the now, now…so, fiction is a fabulation that makes the human being do and build a better tomorrow…tomorrow may be a brand new day, and will be, now I feel this way…and more, now I want this way…fiction is a will power…fiction is our good will power and tomorrow is utmost what I wish and I wish loveliness, peace and freedom…my autobiography and biography are somehow the same fiction good will and hope…I feel my life now as with no beginning and no end…fiction and non fiction  although fiction is the continuity of the good and lovely against the discontinuity and the non sense…fiction creates sense, and is not delusion nor dream, but confidence in goodness and in human good core heart…tomorrow may be a brand new world…art is linked to fiction and art is a step by step work against emptness and non sense…art is the bulding of a better tomorrow, now…art is the building of a brand new world, now and ever