writing as reading, too

by walterdoege

somehow writing is a form of reading although writing is solitary…reading and writing are sweet solitudes…writing is an expression with words, in strictu sensu…writer is whom tell a story in coutless ways, one can tell a story at the same time the story is invented, or remembered, as when we tell a story as a lullaby for a child feel secure and sleep…my grandmother was a great storyteller for me…I care her so much…an adult is a child that grown up, I try to stay always connected with the child inside me…and in nowadays most of the time I tell stories for me for me fell me secure and get fall asleep…fiction and art and play has it’s function, the function of superpone another world to this world, or, a way to face reality creating countless realities…future is shaped in this way, and future is a black lion…as the blue rose, black lion does not exist in nature, but they exist in imagination…perhaps the fine expression of wishes and the main builder of confidence in future is imagination, and future may be a rainbowlike…future does exist now?, I guess no, definitely for me…future is random one, serendipitous one, unprevionable one, chance, but future does exist on our souls, in my soul…as a wish, a deep wish grounded in a strong good will and hard work…future is building and invention, imagination and dream, desire and will, work, utmost…somehow future is this constructedness faculty of the human being…far way from prevision, future seems to me envisionment, confidence in human goodness…even if I am telling about my future, as  does exist more than my personal future…the future we want is the main dimension in future issues…what is the future we want?, what is the future I want…I want a better world for all the people and I colaborate for this goal…this needness…this facing the nowadays real world for creating other and lovely world…perhaps there exist a progress related to civilization, but tiny progress…people is the source of art and joy of living, people wellbeing is the main wish I wish daily and work to turn on the streets some walking good…streets are not houses, the city can be a big house someway, but streets are not house…so many people living on the streets in the city I live!…I do something, but everybody can do more, I can work harder for walking on the streets as i walk on the shopping…shopping seems to me a small city…I feel fear of the urban violence…I feel compassion for the people that I see on the streets living there…I can not save the world, I want and I need to live my life, but my life is the life of all of us…my life is not of mine…now, watching through the window I see such a wonderfull moon…full moon, full of hope and full of inspiration in this sunday sundown preparing a brand new night…I like the night, I like the moon, I like the stars, I like the sun, source of the sparkingly moon joy…but the moon and the night are mistress for me…someway the day is a dream for me…and I wake up touched by the moonlight seduction…is my reading of the night and day waves of the life, in this wandering writing…sunny days, moony nights, for dream, for live