wandering writing in a new key

by walterdoege

wandering writing, I like to write with almost no focus, as when in hand writing, as an improvisation with no end…to write brings me continuity…some sense of timing…some building sense, as each word sounds me as a step toward non sense, and fear…and this writing is a trial of writing a text in another key, as occurs in music…when a music is played in a new key, the melody does not change, but the notes that make up the composition do: change in the context of continuity and continuity that perseveres trhough change, ever changing living, ever changing time, ever changing sentiments and thoughts, but in this changing set, something remains…the melody is the same, but in other key…melody, harmomy, rhythm…music and literature is more than this, much more, but what I notice is the remaining melody…far away from theory, some intention, some theme, some needness, remain…and love remains in despite of all…for the long run, keeping on the road, keep on move, some hold on, and move, some beat, some rest, some upbeat, rest, some downbeat, rest…some words, enless text…although in every parade some rain must fall, some expectation can fall, but is worthy to get a mighty big umbrella!…or small, some shelter, some secure home heart, some hearth for the heart, this will to go forward, no matter what is ahead…the melody is lovely, sweet, soft, fragile, joyful, sensitive, kind, warm, peaceful, wonderful, beautiful, so, the key of the composition of this writing invites to read in any key, melody is loveliness, hopeful, free expression of love freedom…love kindness…love lovely, as a soft lullaby…calm, serene, careful…that longing peace, that love sense that lasts, this confidence in human being, the trust in love…a love that holds my whole life, the world…people singing and dancing melodies of lovely realm…people playing as family…I walked a little in the shopping, I stay with people, families, children…I was welcome at the restaurant, the same restaurant I like to go…as a secure point, a restauration place, a melodic continuity along the changing life…I feel me close to people…and I feel people close to me…what wonderful people!…what lovely melody…I see the full moon, and now is raining…a lovely rain of flowers…I feel this flowers, it’s a shelter…no umbrella, this rain is printemps gift