just another writer: hello world!

by walterdoege

this is a special day for me…when I begin my blog I could not know how good is stay in touch with people…internet tools are interesting and important way for this purpose…because blogging is a way to write and publish almost instantly and read what other bloggers do…writing is a hard labor, reading too…living is a hard task…be a writer is not exactly a choice, but a vocation, utmost as a way a voice is listened, be my voicing or your voicing…human voice is a wonderful expression of the soul…as looking is the window of the soul, not exactly the eyes, but the look of the eyes of the human being…as in a music lyrics, the look of love…I could share my joy, my pain, my love, my labor in this path of building a better world…since my childhood i like to read, and write…and while I am an adult man the child inside myself is  happy…what an adult if not a child that grown up…and my writing work is a fiction work…as I feel art as a way to change the world and support the woes…a way as a lullaby for the child feel secure in despite of all…when I read or talk a story to a child, when I place here my writing…the child inside each of us notice that there’s not aloneness, but moments of lonely sentiment of be unique…each human being is a child that grow up and can live joyful and in a loveliness path…be a writer is not a choice for me…be capable of feeling love and joy is a choice, uppermost a decision…a decision to build a world of words that can be a brick of hope and help for all the people…a shelter to me and to you, and the world is a building, as tomorrow too…love is freedom…love is joy, in despite of anything…love is not a tool…love is the realm of the soul, this perception of tomorrow as a brand new opportunity to keep on living with love in the heart…and the affinities of fellows and friends is my home, sweet and lovely home…free way, open love…my blue rose is a gift for you and you are thw world…the pain in the path of love do not comes from love, but from anything that is a rock in this path, and that in a lovely steps can be surpassed…love is the human being…love itself is an invitation to love…my writing is share our common condition…common people, common love…and the future is our common building…life is a gift, and shall be careful be respected…human love, human dignity