stay today, come tomorrow

by walterdoege

my akward english!, I don’t know the reason why I write in english…the simple is that I like to write in english…reading english texts I notice my poor english…reading poetry in english is hard…vocabulary, semantics, grammar…idiom…but the sound of english words sounds like a song…I continue reading even if all the words I don’t understand, but I feel the sense and the sentiment when I read and write…so, stay today, come tomorrow…nobody knows about tomorrow…although I stand on my road today, tomorrow I don’t know…so, I say to you, stay once more time and come tomorrow if you wish, if you can, if is it possible…this morning writing is some sketch of writings…some shuffle for work with words and phrases and sentiment…I say to her, stay tonight and come tomorrow…I guess i will stay here too…what about tomorrow?, a possibility, a wish, a will, an invention, the future…this is also a spring writing, I am letting go the winter, I welcome spring…I like flowers and a blue sky, but the sunlight is like a neighbour with whom I only want a good convivence…i feel some painful sentiment, because i feel some passion for moonlight, even if the sky is the same sky in any season, i like the night, the sky in the nights, i like the moonlight…the pain I refer is related to summer…summer is hard for me…although the night and the sky are the same, but the days are longer, the nights are shorter in summer…and I like the moon, the night…not the night for sleep, not for dream…I dream in daylight…as if i dream at day for live at night…somhow the night is not for rest for myself…I like the night for live, for stay with you…so, esperanza, stay today, we can share the night