men cry!

by walterdoege

I noticed some new and few comments placed on this my writing…one of them observed that most of the readers of my writings are women. Well, I don’t konw the reason. But I guess that love is a theme that is still a taboo…love requires nothing, but some kindness of soul that men feel afraid. Even tough, some men read and comment about this blog…few men, sure. I am a man that cry…I hear and read sometimes that men don’t cry. Another form to say that women and child and old people cry. Men cry, women cry, children cry, people cry…and from every tear drops from me and from every tear drop of each people I like to imagine that a star is born in sky. Tears are one of the most sweet expressions of the human being. Disregarding other aspects, it does not sound me well: strong people don’t cry. I guess people feeling fear and shame and guilt related to emotions and sentiment present difficuty to cry. Letting tears drops fall is a way of love, is a surrender to the love path. Love itself is not related to reason, but with sentiment, with heart affairs. An adult person is a child that grown up and the creativity and playing and jay are related to emotions and sentiment. Sense the feeling of love is a hard inner and outer work. it’s not easy somehow, but tears are seas in the ocean that refuses no human expression…an ocean that is a crucible capable of transformation of pain, suffering, sorrow, helplessness, sadness, frustration…in love sentiment…in an opportunity of sensing love. Life and love are two wings that putting together makes me fly, a flying full of sweet sense that staying alive is staying near of love…love is common…love is like the air. Literature do not is useful for walk, but is what permits me to breath, to sense freedom. joy and dignity. And a source of drive for bulding every day, for building a better world. Love is simple like a child’s smile. if I get in touch with the child inside me, I can feel joy…with you. As a writer I want a reader, I write for a reader, even if i don’t know who is… blogging is  different from  writing a letter to a friend, but every writing i hope to reach some people…every writing here is like a bottle with a message thown away at the sea…that flows to a ocean that accepts human expression. I write what I can read inside myself and in some way out side myself. The world is one. We are one. We are people. We are human beings, and cry…tears of joy, tears of pain, always tears of love. When a tear drop is letting go, love is inside. When a tear drop is holded on, love awaits… in any good will, in any good work, love guides, love is always ahead even when not noticed. so, I enjoy friendship, feloowship…. lovers, keep living…lovers, keep loving…living and loving shall stay together through life…till the last goodbye. Literature is not fitness nor useful for walk. with literature I sense the loveliness of the daily life. Love is freedom. love is joy.