the tempest, two months later

by walterdoege

the tempest that changed my house arrangement was cost expensive, uppermost was emotion expensive, time expensive and today I can watch my house in another fashion, not so different, but different…perhaps well arranged…my safety corner where there are my prefered chair, spotlight, souvenirs of all sorts, pages collected, personal objects, some my father and mother and friends writings, a kind of corner for relaxing, some meditation, reading, some hand writing, listening devices as my old cd player and my vynil craft device, well, this place is today surrounded by some hills of books…some books I lost…a lot of books I placed in another lounge at the second floor where there’s my acoustic piano and my eletronic piano and a special small piece of lounge out door where I can see the sky, feel the winds, hear the city sounds…there’s my little hearth and a plenty of self valued objects of art, paintures, sculptures, another littel garden, and so on…I live in a modest house…the tempest two months later changed the house…and changed my conviction that the my chair corner was the most safety place of the universe…the tempest tested my capacity of survival, take fast actions and so on…some change I notice in myself…as love do, this tempest changed my life somehow…I need to mention that my home remained safe all the time…my home is what I put in my house, my daily care of the house…it’s roof, walls and building structure…manutention is done with more attention…the neighbors are more aware of this task…I may write somehow that today I stay well in this new arrangement, somethings are in better places…I discovered some books and notes that I was missed out…I live in a little house and my recent and daily efforts of inhabiting well my house made it a better house, and a more sweet home…’home, sweet home’…a mountain of books remained untouched…at the top of this mountain I appreciate more accurately the worth of life, the worth of a house, the lovely work of a home…home is inside me…and at the same time, my home is the world…even when I sense the danger in the streets, the urban violence in the city…I don’t walk on the streets in the city I live, so I walk in shopping center…in one shopping center, plenty of remembrances, where there’s my prefered restaurant, where I meet rarely some people and friends, where I can watch a movie…perhaps this skyfall tempest made feel me in an almost impossible mission: keep confident in human goodness, sense the solidarity, sense how well living can be…sense the sentiment of love with joy, freedom, peace and gratitude…my health is good…I am alive…I feel great gratitude regarding living…the tempest present me a challenge…I was responsible to this event…I may write today that everything is all right regarding me and my loved people…love resembles a tempest, but love itself is like a happy and calm sailing day in a serene sea and a sparkling night when the moon and the stars turns this time of night a fairy night, for rest, for celebration, for love…shared with  whom love…yesterday night I attended a dinner meeting…watching the sky the quarter moon was beautiful and I invited her to stay with us