by walterdoege

gratitude is one of the finest fragances of love…together with joy, peace, tenderness, help, hope…love seems a so beautiful flower, a so worth sentiment…I try everyday to sense gratitude, uppermost when bad news arrive, when tempests come, when hurricanes reach us…when I feel blue…when I feel the pain of losts…when I feel me concerned with the wellnes of all people of the world…after my recent lost my daily trial is write something here for share with you my trust and confidence in human goodness…sense gratitude is very hard at bad times…gratitude is very hard to feel when in pain…gratitude, however, more than a word, is an inner and out work, with good will…daily living is hard…daily living is a challenge…sensing love, however, keep me close to the most important: being alive and living a lovely life…when everything fall, love remains…when convictions and certainities fall, love remains…I get up from blue singing blues…and this upheaval is love grounded…I sense gratitude for writing now…one hard matter is to keep sensing gratitude in adversity…gratefulness inhabits my heart and my writings…from gratefulness I can share what I write…the writing is somehow something yonder the content…something tiny, fine, soft…that I notice in any work done in good wil…art is love grounded…literature although more discoursive and so close related to sewing words is art…we read the world…I read the world, the events, as i read books…poems…fairytales…in this way, tle path of love is plenty of gratitude…sometimes when deep woes cry, the calm down comes from some sweet lullaby…the lyrics of any lullaby, of any berceuse, is done of easy and lovely words that leave an intention of calmness, sweetness, confidence…trust is human goodness, in human capacity of doing good things…utmost when bad news arrive I try to stand close to my gratefulness because any bad thing can only be overcome with love sensing…love, a hearth for the heart, the whispered lovely word i can listen from old memories of childhood…from near and dear friends nowadays…any kind word, any tenderness manifestation, any human joy sensing, make feel that life is worthy because love give life al the time…when feeling a painful lost, I never feel that it should be better not to have birthed…and I am in good health, I am in good stand…people can survive to tragedies because consciously or not love remains and gratitude rebirth…love is peace, inner and out peace, freedom, joy…gratitude for all…living is a hard daily trial, but lovely, so lovely experience!…when I get in blue, I watch the blueclorful sky of my childhood, the colorful blue photo in my desk, I sense the reveries of days gone by, but the fragance of good days remains, always…gratitude lasts forever…someway I want to write that love is supreme courage, be grateful is supreme courage, be lovely is supreme courage, sensing my tears droping is supreme courage…I am a common man…love is common…is our common home…somehow these holidays parties are opportinities for me to stay close with my father, my mother, my family…and you…without you my writings are only a collection of words, my life is only an event…life and love are two birds flying near a calm ocean that refuses no river…life and death are two wings flying far way my imagination…love is what I sense as the sweet sentiment that living may be a joyful path…love is a flower, a kind gesture, a lovely act against non sense…love and its fragances make the wishes of health and peace and freedom and joy be realities…I love to be alive and i feel deep gratitude for all, but without you, this writing would be only a collection of words…gratefulness is not a word, gratefulness is our common home when living lovely and in trust of human goodness