every night can be a good night

by walterdoege

tonight may be a good night, a light night, a sparklining night, a lovely night, a Happy Christmas night and it is…every night, night after night, day after day, and night after night, but tonight, may be a good night…in despite of all, because the goodness is also a personal work upon myself…a common task of ourselves…in despite of all tonight is an invitation to all of us to express in full fraternity and joy…shared joy…and tonight is the result of this task, for myself, for your self, to ourselves…tonight is a shared construction of an empty space, as architetute do, to be supplied and feeding with love, joy and honesty…a form to express the true commitment regarding the life and it’s expressions…this empty space can be a place to sense joy, to stay together, to share the work of building any day and the future…another new year is arriving, and I say goodbye to the present  year…with the pain and with the joy I sensed…trust and joyuos labour each and every night is…a work to be done with honest good wil, sincere good wil…sincerity requires great elaboration…but emotional honesty if I can express this way, is also a lovely dimension of the human being when shared and the lenght in between fiction and realities is beauty, loveliness, trust in human goodness, sensing each night as another opportunity to face the real creating lovely and joy realities…each night can be  a fairynight when fiction and the real things share a desired measure of emotions, sentiments and love…love is always one…beyond night and day, beyond moon and sun, some space of peace and joy, the expression of love…each night is an invitation, not a challenge, an invitation to share love and life…no matter the night, a wonderful and lovely night is always a choice…a good night can be even when in hard times, or sad times…love and joy is a matter of choice and a work to be done every hour of a life…anynight may be a goodnight…some fiction, surely a daily work…work of care and built of a good world…the future is utmost a matter of good will work and effort…I may write it’s a long road, a builded road…surely a common road for please and just alive in…love blowing ahead…tonight and everynight  is an invitation to build lovely spaces and share the party…share bad or good news…and keep a   loving living road, trust in human goodness also ahead…may be a lovely road…the goodness in the night is inside me…inside you…we can keep going on…longing to the lovely road…listening the love blowing,  sensing love gifts