scrawling at my scrap book

by walterdoege

back to the beach…someway the best resort for me at summertime…I can stay near the sea, near the ocean, near days gone by…reveries…some futures…after a short walk near sundown…I sit at a bistrot…and stand doing nothing…after some hours and cups of coffee, water and one, only one, icecream… strawberry and vanilla..some fruits…I decided it was my dinner…so, I keep doing nothing…do nothing is impossible in my experience…i think, i imagine, i dream, i sing, i watch the point where ocean and sky meet each other, i meditate, i contemplate, i write some sketchs, i write some scrawls, i feel some blue, i feel much happiness, i notice i am in touch with yesterday, and tomorrow, and today, i read, and at my little scrapbook that I get with me at this day, i put some news, images, some leaves I get from the floor of streets…some falled petals of flowers I get from the streets floor…and scrawling randomly I draw a house, a tree near house, a path, a green gound, a sun at one side, a full moon at other side of the tree…and closed the book..and keep doing nothing…I spent the day at the only library in that beach…moments of some silence, rest, peace…at this little public library I found the book my mother grandfather wrote entitled ‘Night of kings’, dated form 1935…a romance…I begin re re re reading some pages when the librarian kindly informs to me that it’s was the time to close the library…I told her how good was stay at this library…my secret resort, I said…she smiled and her expression was sincere…so, I came back to the café near sea and keep reading my scrawlings…and added to my scrap book the new address card of that library…still not offering  e books…and at the card the site address…not online she told me…I said ‘ so good!, good night, I’ll come back another day at sunny time…and also in other seasons’…she said ‘ you are welcome’…I added to my draw… the librarian, that person who cares of the books