500 posts, my writer trials

by walterdoege

so, I feel so happy to reach here…I would name this writing ‘nemesis’, to honour the work of Philip Roth…also the name of his recent book…I hope he keep writing…I feel such joy because since the first writing trial…I sense support and fondness…honesty and sincerity…freedom and good will. I feel much happiness from the most important: friendship. I don’t know why do I write. I sense so great joy in creating so lovely bonds with so dear and lovely people! Today, I can write ‘my dear friends, if I  write and publish here, my home, our home, is because I love to share love with you. Without you, my so lovely friends, without your love and support, I would not feel so much joy, today. In despite of all, our one love is the only one important thing to me. If I write, is utmost for our talking. If I write, I just want to share lovely dialogue, lovely conversations. My warm embrace. Lovely regards. I keep on going…the loving road…with you. Friendship is love and joy together…now, and ever. Friends, so dear and lovely friends, my half dimension… if literature and other art expressions is worth and important, the reason is that each shared lovely effort make the world a better home…for all peoples’.