streets, at the café, the library

by walterdoege

I don’t like to walk on streets, but some streets live joyously in my heart…after some flanerie at Rue de Sommerad, I take a walk in direction to River Gauche, sit down at one of my favorite parisien cafés just to spend the time watching the bateau crossing the river…from where I sit down, I can face from time to time the light of the bateau highlighting the Cathedral of Notre-Dame…just from few steps from that café, there exist one of my favorite libraries, The Shakespeare and Company…that library was a shelter for many peoples after the second world war…its owner published James joyce’s Ulisses…Hemingway live in that library some time…his book ‘Paris is a party’ is about the meetings and lively conviviality among those whom like that library…plenty of books…many books on the floor…mountains of books…writers and peoples should live in…the solely condition required was to read a book each day…everytime i go to that library I can sense the parfum of the books, of the peoples, of the time…at my last visit, some years ago, I purchased a book of Lawrence Ferlinghetti…this day, I returned to the café for a good dinner…it was autumn…and all was good