the music of everyday speech

by walterdoege

I’m not a poet, although art and literature is one only one…the past week I take more attention to the poetics of the lively conversations…that music of everyday speech…I do study poetry, although I’m not a poet…that music of lively talking is the prosody of everyday living…that bond between peoples through words…also through other language skills…but the spoken and the listened words I listen as some spontaneous poem, some spontaneous poetics of daily living…at some instants, a true poem is builded…some rhyme, some rhythm, some form, some meter form…I sense my writing as a full lenght romancist effort, closer to my way of be…romance seems closer to some jazz writing, but a poem may be also, although a poem is some so short romance…some sort of free verse…sometimes some form of builded verse…maybe conversation is some poetic  talking…one verse of mine, one verse of your’s, one verse of our’s