typewriter, and a sewing machine

by walterdoege

I use to write in cursive handwriting sensing the pendriving along the paper…sometimes sensing the pencildriving along the paper…its some old fashioned practice of writing…sometimes I write upon where is possible…some piece of paper, on my booknote, on a napkin…some instant drive to place with written words a glimpse of an insight, of a sentiment, of an emotion, of a passion, of a paisage…I do barely some portraits…also I can write only in my mind for after write where available…my first book, a romance, I’ve written using all these devices, mostly handwriting and using after I’ve read what I’ve written the my old typewriter…it was some fifteen years ago…when the first digital devices, the old desk computer and cell phones arrived where I live…I can remember the sounds of the typewriter at my mother’s employment…she worked as tachigraphic writer and dactilographic writer…the sounding of the typewriter in her work lounge was heightened with other’s typewriter machines working together…it was a beautiful song for me…I can also hear the sewingmachine at home…nowadays I like to write in handwriting, utmost poetic impressions…while I am writing I feel how close writing is a kind of sewing words, weaving phrases, weaving cloths…cloths of words…as in a weaving task, the labor is to point out a thread of words…type and write the words, from the left to the right side, and turn on the next line, and keep writing from the left to the right side…after some time, the writing is interrupted…I can not stand writing all time…and when I read the text, the text seems a weavered cloth…some kind of patchwork, as I can sew some paragraph to other paragraph…writing is a way of living…literature is a way of living…art is a way of living, living the life in a better way…don’t wasting time, but spending time sharing some play, some smile…so needed smile…for those whom read what I weavered with a pen and a piece of paper…sewing patchs, parts, remembrances, imagination…I don’t know what is writing, I just write