autobiography matters anywhere

by walterdoege

the autobiography is a source of literature and art…be a diary, be some avulse manuscripts, be some wondering writings…any one’s work is a worthy work…as I state autobiography as someone’s manifestation in good will, and with honesty…in that way, any written manifestation is literature…somehow I do take two points, literature and art, but in fact, literature is art and art is literature…so many blogs I see with a myriad of issues…be photo, art expression other than written material written as fiction…the human manifestation encompasses more than the written words, but I am a writer, and I’m interested to remind the importance of self expression through writing…in some of the spam comments the reader can see in this blog…I choose solely the friendly comments related to writer practice…some commentary I am comsidered a skilled blogger, and in others I am considered a professional blogger…well, I’m neither one, I am just a writer, a fiction writer, and the blog is the better way I choose to publish what I do write…the autobiography heritage is of utmost importance to me…so important as any written page of any acknowledged author…the importance of autobiographical writing is the remind that all peoples are writers, and remembering another writer, only few writers publish…one can say ‘what about Shakespeare work?’, and i can say, what about your own writing?…literature I sense and feel as a way of living…I live my life with joy because writing is an expression of myself, writing is a way of making sense of who I am…and you are so plenty of literature and art…just write, I guess Shakespeare would like to know about your inner expression…be in written words, spelled words, be in general art expression…anyone can sense the art inside of the heart…art is when joy and love walk together…and as a bird…lead us to lovely endless flights…and make the daily living a joyous shared experience…any instant a poem statement and poetic perception…somehow, art is ever building of a better world…lovefull word…trustfull peoples…a brand new world at each dawn