full moon

by walterdoege

Yesterday the full moon was beautiful, full moon in Capricorn according to the horoscope. I could see the moon rising in the late afternoon, early evening. Golden, a perfect circle in the sky, brilliant, emanating an indescribable light. The night brings with it the stars, the planets, and the moon. The sky was clear, like a painting. The night brings me a calm, a time to relax and do what you like. Watch TV. The journals and news of the world. A film. To dance. To sleep. To dream. To flirt and flit. The demands of the night are different from the day. The sun is the consciousness and the demands of the day. The night is a different time, a different quantity and quality time. In winter the nights are longer and the days shorter. I like winter. Yesterday was a beautiful day. Blue sky. Nice weather. A real gift. Today, while I write this morning, is another beautiful day. Let’s enjoy the life.  Great !