by walterdoege

I don’t know very well the reason for today is rock’n’roll day. I didn’t have space and time to research and read about.  But I like music, and although I’m most closer to jazz and blues, also classic music ( I like so much to hear the 6  Cello Suites of J.S.Bach…it turns me calm…better, I like to listen to music). I like to read a book. I like all forms of art. What is art? Anyway, We also read music. Listening is a form of reading and reading is a form of listening. Perhaps We hear noises, or just turn the eyes to the things.  Without exact perception. Sometimes I can not distinguish a music and a book. The sheet music.   A book of pictures or photos. With the eyes and the skin and the soul, we have a perception of something, Of Ourselves, our world,  the soul. Shakespeare wrote that we perceive love with the soul, not with the sole eyes. Eyes can listen to the music. Let’s rock and roll all days! Even if for minutes…read a good phrase…even if for minutes. The text. The texture. If I listen, Elvis Presley, I do read and listen. If I listen to Bob Dylan,