Cecilia Meireles

by walterdoege

Many influences I have in my writing and reading activities. Today I will show a poem of Cecilia Meireles, a Brazilian writer. Published many books, romances, and an anthology of poems. Canticos is the collection of twenty-six poems. So beautiful. And express much of what I feel. This is a traduction. She died 1964. His work is a public domain.

 A prelude:


                      to freedom


The wind of my spirit

Breathed on life

And everything that was ephemeral

was undone

And you stayed only you, who is eternal


                     Cantico IV

Numb your body with the music of life.

Charm yourself.

Forget yourself.

Has a voluptuous dispersion.

Do not wanna be you.

I want to be the infinite soul of


Exchange your short human dream

By the immortal dream.

The only.

Overcomes the misery of being afraid.

Change by Unknown.

Do not you see, he’s bigger?

Can not you see that it has no end?

Do not you see that he is you?

You who are forgetful of you