Mario Quintana / The time

by walterdoege

                          The Time

Life is the duty we brought home

When you see it, it’s already six o’clock!

When you see, it’s already Friday!

When you see, the year is over…

When you see, we lose the love of our life

Fifty years have passed!

Now it’s too late to be disapproved…

If I was given one day, another opportunity,

I would not even look at the clock

He would always go ahead and throw

the golden bark of useless hours on the way

I would follow the love that lies before me and says that I love him

And there’s more, be sure to do something you like

because of the loss of time

Be sure to have people by your side

out of pure fear of being happy

The only fault he will have will be that

of the time which, unfortunately,

will never return.


P.S. Big Ben, at London, will be stopped for four years to repairs. Then, I remembered this poem. What’s time? What’s a clock?